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Polyurethane Insulation Saves Energy and Protects the Environment

Polyurethane is a polymer of repeating urethane molecules. It is formed when an isocyanate (methyl diphenyl diisocyanate-MDI) reacts with a polyol blend (Resin). Polyurethane is easily processed and can be produced as open or closed cell foam in varying densities. Closed Cell (CC) polyurethane has superior thermal resistance compared to traditional fibrous insulation materials due to the highly insulating blowing agent that is entrapped in the closed foam cells. Open Cell (OC) polyurethane provides good thermal resistance by reducing air movement in the polymer matrix. OC polyurethane is not as efficient as closed cell polyurethane but still provides better thermal resistance than traditional fibrous insulations by reducing air leakage.

Sustaining Fossil Fuels and the Jobs they Produce

About half of our energy is used in residential and commercial buildings. No matter your financial status you are looking for good health, greater comfort and low cost operation. Energy demand in existing buildings can be reduced 30-50% through retrofitting insulation. In new construction; however, energy costs can be reduced a staggering 90-95%. Among all solutions proposed to the energy problem, including alternative sources of energy, experts agree that building insulation is the least-cost option for reducing CO2 emissions. Among the various building insulation options, polyurethane foam insulation is generally considered by experts to be the most effective insulation product choice.

The Importance of Insulation for Sustainability

With energy prices subject to volatility and the growing pressure to reduce carbon dioxide emissions caused by fossil fuels, the need for energy saving insulation is immense. Governments are recognizing this with new energy efficiency legislation as well as national and international commitments. As your leader in pioneering an Energy Efficient West Virginia, Sky Foam is committed to helping provide energy efficient solutions for all types of construction. It is our hope to build a stronger foundation for our local communities, to lead our communities to sustainable building practices, and to ensure our coal miners are able to take care of their family's long into the future by sustaining our fuels.

Sky Foam is THE Sustainable Insulation for Energy Efficient Construction
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